DL104PC----10.4“ all in one pc

1. The model DL104PC is an interesting product for me, can you supply this model for me with:  

- Support 1024MB DDR400 RAM-------This is OK,you need add more USD43.

- Support 160GB HDD-------This is OK, you need add more USD75.

- 1 x TV-out-------This is OK.

- 1 x 100/10MBps Ethernet LAN -------This is OK.

- DVD player -------At present, we can not make the DVD player, if that, we need to amend some moulds, moreover if your order quantity is over 200pcs, then we can amend the moulds for you for free. 

What are the costs of this model? ------- This unit price is USD500(our standard config)

Can you send me the instruction manual by mail? -------Sorry that we have not the instruction manual of this product as it is a new developed products, but we have instruction manual of Mainboard in Chinese version, without the English version mainboard instruction manual. Sorry for that. If you need the Chinese version instruncion manual,pls let me know.


2.10.4 inch all-in-one sample with the following spec's:

- 1024 x 796 resolution touch screen-------I think it was clerical error, in fact it should be 1024*768 resolution, right? :) If so, you need add USD25 for the 1024 x 768 resolution screen.

- GPRS modem with external antenna-------OK, you need add USD65 for the GPRS.

- Bluetooth-------OK,  the function is for free.

- 1GB memory-------OK, as our standard config is 512MB, so if you need 1GB memory, then need add USD30.

- The most powerful CPU within the current board I got from you (now 1.1 Ghz Pentium mobile, only if possible, please increase)

 -------OK, we use the 1.1 Ghz Pentium mobile you got from us. At present, we only can be use the 1.1Ghz Pentium mobile CPU to do this model, because this mainboard only can be up to 1.1Ghz CPU, if use more powerful CPU, then it release a mass of power and heat, that would be lead the PC can not work as usual, so you need the powerful CPU(eg: duo core 1.5Ghz), we need change to another project.

- Flashdisk 4 Gb including window s XP cop

-------OK, you need add the USD45.  By the way, if you use 4GB CF card, then you needn't use 80GB HDD, right? if so, that would be reduce USD45. 

Pls kindly confirm if you need not 80GB HDD, only use  4GB CF card


3. Q: (DL104PC) We wish to change the OS to "Ubuntu" (Linux). To do this, we had to go into CMOS setup and change the boot sequence to CDROM, where the install disk for Ubuntu is. After we tried this, the LCD is not correct, meaning there is 3" of black screen on the right, and the display is very distorted. Is there a 'RESET' button for the monitor, or some way to set the monitor back to factory specs?

R:   Pls see the below steps to set DL104PC back to factory specs:

       When you start the pc, press " delete" button, go into CMOS;

then press " F9" , " enter " ;

then press " F10 " , " enter ".

4. Q:(DL104PC)we just need the corners sanded or grinded down slightly to make not so shar p, before anodizing.

---------- The corners can be made smooth. The front bezel will be slightly thicker and cannot be oxidation. We have made 15" PC like this, pls refer to the enclosed picture.

It is better to make some units at one time, not only one unit, or else the bezel manufacturer will charge extra fee.

We suggest next time when your client order more units, we make it smooth.

We will need to modify the mechanical drawing, before we start production, we will send you drawing for confirmation.

5. (DL104PC) We need a volume control for the unit, that is external, so that user can control volume. What is the lead time and cost difference for this?

------- Yes, we can do it.

We need the power to be always on, with no external power button. Is that possible, and what is the lead time and cost difference for this?

-------- Yes, we can do it. That is, the unit will automatically start to work when plug power in.

Just to make sure we can get the additional heat vent holes on the top of the unit on future orders.

------- Yes, we can do it.


All the requirements needs to re-design the bezel and pcb board. The total fee is about US$1000. It will take 5 weeks to finish the design and one sample. The unit price will add US$5.

DL011PC----One Din Car PC 

1. Can you add for model DL011PC- SIRF3-GPS, what will be the extra cost-?

-------Yes. we can add the SIRF 3-GPS function for the DL011PC, but the SIRF3-GPS is external, not inside the model, because our R&D dept said if we inside the GPS in the model, that would be receive the poor signal, so we adopt to the external GPS in order to receive the good signal, moreover you can put the GPS anywhere in car.If you need the GPS receiver, you need extra cost USD45.  Attached is the GPS receiver spec for your reference. 


2.If the DL011PC has a D V D-ROM inside?

-------Sorry, it can not. If you need the pc with D V D/C D-ROM, you just use another pc case with D V D/C D-ROM to do it.

DL080PC---8“Headrest all in one car pc

1.I would like to your 8” headrest touch screen car pc with WINCE5? Pls give us solution.

-------After checked with our engineer, we can not use WINDOW CE solution to do the 8" headrest PC, because in the WINDOW CE, the advertisement can not be support Touch function, so we need use another PC solution(like WINDOW XP), then it can be touched on advertisement mode in WINDOW XP, we would use N270 mainboard to do this PC. Otherwise, we just provide the hardware, we can not provide the software of advertisement at present, so you need write the advertisement software in our WINDOW XP system by yourself, then you can play advertisement in WINDOW XP system and with touch function.

Headrest car pc / taxi kiosk /taxi touch multimedia player

1.for 10.4" headrest pc

questions: if we can build in 3G module in headrest pc?

answer: the 3G can build in headrest pc, but it is not convenient you insert SIM card, so our engineer suggest you use the external USB 3G, it is very convenient to insert the SIM card.


2.For 10.4" headrest monitor

Questions: Can you make the two poles distance is 10cm~20cm?

Answer: Yes, we can special customized the distance is 10cm~20cm for you, but you need pay us USD500 R&D fee, we would return the R&D fee to you after you place a mass order.


3. Q: Can the leather supplier put our “REVOSYS” logo on the leather? Maybe at the top right of headrest PC? The color of font should be RED. Maybe they can stich the logo?

A: Our purchase dept. ask our headrest supplier, it is difficult to print/stich the logo on the leather, so we suggest you print the logo on the front metal case.

4. Problem 1:

Fan noise is still the biggest problem. I recommend that you focus your largest effort in this area because they are currently not very suitable for cab use.



The course of Fan noise is current.the current is big,so you should to low the current.you can series the two fans.like the pictures showed.



USB is finicky. Sometime it will work, sometimes it won't. I believe it may be due to a voltage/power issue. Please test the USB hubs in detail before shipping any more units. Make sure you fill both hubs when testing. This is potentially a major problem for me because our 3g internet hooks up to USB and sometimes it doesn't initialize!



The course of the USB finicky is the unsteady current or lower current (power).To solve this problem you should supply power to the USB port to confirm enough current or power.There two ways .

First find the USB model in the mainboard,like the next picture show.

One ways is to add a stand capacitance between the USB 5v pole and the GND pole,like the follow picture shows.


Another way is to add 5V power to the USB port.that means supply 5V power to the USB port directly.find one 5V power port ,then connect to the USB model’s 5V pole,that will be OK.

Like the following picture shows.

Problem 3: Another major problem seems to be with the v ideo card and/or monitor. 5 out 10 PCs have this issue. When I load the Nvidia display drivers the display reverts to 4bit color. I can 'force' the monitor to show 32 bit color but it is at a 70hz refresh rate (not native 60hz) and it looks quite bad when trying to read any words. I followed the exact same procedures when in installing the drivers on all PCs and all are running window s xp pro. I believe it may be an issue with the display. Do all of the units use the same display?





   For the screen ,may be is that you install an unsuitable driver,you should install the driver that we send to you.


5, Q:For 10.4"headrest pc, please eliminate this 45 second delay that your engineer made. After desktop, we have to wait 45 seconds for WiFi/Bluetooth, etc to activate,please change this to much less time!

A: I checked with software engineer, when you turn on the headrest PC, after into desktop, you can find the WIFI immediately, no need wait 45s, but the bluetooth need to wait about 45s~60s then be found.


Engineer said we can not change the bluetooth delay shorter than now, because if we change the bluetooth delay shorter, that would be block you find the camera or series ports or others(that means the bluetooth would be collide with other devices and block others devices be found), so we MUST set the bluetooth delay about 45s-60s, if not, when the headrest PC turn on, you cannot find the camera or series port or others.

DL150PC fanless

1.DL150PC-----all in one pc

The hole I now see is the back end of the hole used for the VESA brackets. As it is not a blind hole but straight through if the VESA bracket screws are longer than about 5mm allowed in the design (the ones with the bracket are 10mm)   (yes not really long enough, should use the posts like for the motherboard) then when tightened down then the screw goes straight through the controller board for the HDD breaking it.


------- for your problem that the HDD needs to be lifted (which would also save any issue of swarf from the drilling catching and shorting the HDD and would also stop the need for an insulator).



1. Is it possible to remove the HDD of the pc because I'll install SSD Hard Drive

-------Yes, it can. There are two kinds chipset of SSD hard driver, one is MLC chipset, if you need it, then just add USD75; another chipset is SLC, if you need it, then need add USD252, this is very expensive price, the MLC chipset SSD transfer speed is slower than SLC chipset SSD. Which kinds of SSD are you need?


2. Customer said : WE NEED THE CAR PC WITH OUR specification.


(1)does it have window s, and can we install any window s anytime?

-------No, it is not included the software(Window system),we don't sell software, usually our customers buy our PC and install the system by themselives, of course you can install window s system anytime. But if you need, our engineer can install a piratical window system only for your testing.

(2) can we add maps for the navigator?

-------For GPS navigator, we adopt a bluetooth GPS receiver thrught bluetooth to receive the signal. Attached are spec and photo of our bluetooth GPS receiver for your reference. You can place the bluetooth GPS receiver anywhere in car. About the map you can download it from internet or buy it from map company.

(3)can it be connected to a wireless keyboard?

-------Yes, of course it can be connected to a wireless keyboard.

(4) can we use internet through it?

-------Of course, you can use WIFI or GPRS wireless internet.

(5) how does the GPRS work? (the SIM card is inside or outside?)

-------We use the external GPRS with USB port, you can insert the GPRS to our PC through by the USB port, as for the SIM card which is inside the GPRS.

(6) how many GB is the hard disc? -------Our stardard config is 80GB hard disc, you also can change the size of hard disc according to your need.


(7) how can we charge the sim card and can we make calls or it is just used for transferring data and connecting to internet only(GPRS)?

-------Charge the sim card which similar with your mobile phone. Yes, you can make calls and connecting to internet when you using GPRS.


3. we send you the scanned passpor ts of LCD screens, and could you please suggest us, which of Mini Car PC is more proper to connect with these LCD screens. (which of those 3 kinds of Mini Car PC-s)

-------The most important question is: It seems that there is no VGA port in your LCD screen, then how it can connect PC? To explain it clearly,  i attach a photo about our LCD monitor. Could i know where will you use the lcd screen with PC? Then i  can suggest a most proper model of mini car PC.


4. Does each of these mini Car PC-s, have the function of Auto start and shut down at the same time when Car’s “starter” starts?

-------After you connect the light switch cable, the car PC will Auto start and shut down at the same time when Car's “starter” starts. And with the power management module, you can set the  PC delay time when PC open and close.



5. As for shipping and delivery dates, terms and conditions: As we understand, if we order One Mini Car PC (as a sample order), than you are available to deliver it in 2 days. And if we order you more amount, like 20 one, than the delivery time will take 2 weeks, am I right, or no?

------- If we have stock at that time, we are  available to deliver a sample in 2 days and 20PCS in two weeks. But if not stock, maybe it needs a little more time to purchase the materials and produce.


6. My hardware engineer looked at this(N270 MB) and asked to see if we can get more than 1.6G cpu speed? Can we change it to have 2g or more? If so, how much will it cost?

-------The CPU of intel Atom N270 motherboard is onboard 1.6G CPU. So the only way to get more CPU speed is to redesign the motherboard.


7. Could it be more powerful and including HDD and RAM?

-------Yes, of course you can change the HDD and RAM's size according to your needs. About the CPU, the DL012PC's CPU can be upgrade to 1.2Ghz, but DL014PC can be upgrade to 1.1Ghz.


8.Is it possible to issue a warranty card a giver purchaser, for example for a year? Can the warranty be enforcing from the data of purchase.


-------Our product's warranty is one year and from you received the goods. In a case of damage, we can send the spare parts(except the screen panel) to you for repair in your local, if you can not repair in your local, also you can send it back to us for repair, but you need to pay the freight charge.


9. We need price information O.S. included. The chippest one of Micro soft O.S. (ex. WinCe) and obviusly it must be official/original.

-------Sorry that we don’t sell O.S. systems, usually we just install a testing version system for customers testing, our customer buy our PC and install the official system by themselves.


10.(regarding mini pc) Would it be possible to add win xp home to it?

-------We don't have real win xp home. We even don't have pirating win xp home at hand. What we have installed in the PC is win xp pro and it is pirating. We try to search a pirating win xp home from internet and install it, is it ok?

Touchscreen LCD monitor products



1. DL065A-----6.5Double Din touchscreen monitor


1. When a C D is put into the slot and you press "Mode" there is only Vi deo 1, Vi deo 2 and Radio.  There is not a "C D" mode nor does C D play on any of the modes available.  Did the factory confirm whether or not the unit should be able to play C Ds?  Or did they not install the software?

-------It needs to connect the 2 DIN monitor to car PC. It can play C D only at VGA state.


2. D V D-ROM cannot play movies

-------Clients need to install play software. As the format of some C D are different, so the monitor’s original software cannot play it.

3. The problem is my touch screen keeps working even when I turned off the car. When it is on there is nothing on the screen just its black screen. When I remove the car k e y the power button will switched off but the screen is working with black screen, also I can hear the screen fan.

-------Probably it needs to replace the EEPROM of the touch screen. The brand of its EEPROM is ATMEL, model is 24C16 and encapsulation is SO-8.


2. DL070HT----7” Headrest/Stand touchscreen montior.

1. I have read your attached files and I think the best solution is the model DL070HT. As I told you we cannot install your DL070HT into the car. So, the case is not necessary.In this way we will save also 8USD, right?

-------Yes, you are right. :) 

Our idea is explained to the follow:

-------Attached are two photos of our DL070HT screen panel, we use some small sheet metals and screws to fix the screen panel to our case.

Obviously I hope there are inside this monitor some fasteners to create a sort of mechanical adaptor. In fact we will have to create our special mechanical case. Do you think it is possible? -------Yes, of course you can.

To control brightness and so on, I believe you usually use a remote controller as well as the push buttons on the front side of DL070HT.Do you think it’s possible to remote the same function using our push buttons located on our mechanical case? In other words we would like to wire these signals connecting them with our special push buttons.I believe it could be easy with your instructions.

-------Yes, of course you can use yourself push buttons for this unit, the button is just for your push action. So your means we provide you all components of this unit except the case, you can install them to your special case, right? if that, of course we can provide it to you.

3. DL070PM----7 Headrest/Stand touchscreen monitor with LED backlight.

1.It’s not correct, please see the pic point 1 included (left one from DELONG, right one from LILLUPUT). The qualitiy of the DELONG mounting ram is very bad, the silver ball could not be fixed 100%. 

 -------Checked with our purchasing dept that we can provide the right one for you.

2. Speakers are to bad, to quiet – we talked about msn before. Could you provide us the model DL070PM with better speakers (2x2 W ore better) ?

-------Yes, we can make it to 2*2W. 

3.Customer wants to have min. 5m cable – 1,5 m is to short for installation in a truck.

Another urgent point is the connector of the cable, right now we have

on one side the CETRONICS connector (see the right position of the pic point3.jpg)

and on the other side many cable (the left side of the pic). The customer wants to haveonly one connector on both ends (2 Cetronics connetors, one male, ?one female)


The length of 5m is a must for a order – otherwise the customer will pay more and will order


Directly at Lilliput (VT-70). Please could you check with your engineers if it is possible to have

a)   a cable with 2 Cetronics connectors

------- Checked with our engineer that we can do that, but at present there is a problem need to discuss. As our DL070PM monitor's connector is female, now we need to know if your PC's connector is male or female?(also you can send your PC's connector photo to us)  then we according this status to special customized the connector to meet your demands, moreover there is no any connector with one side is male and the other side is female in whole markets at present, at now the connector two side all are male in markets, so if you need the connector with one side is male and the other side is female, we just special customized for you, moreover you need to tell me your PC's connector is male or female?

-------Customer reply again: Please find enclosed the picture with the cable male / male. Male / Male would be ok, our customer has to develop the adapter on your connector.Please could you sent me the additional price for the new cable?


-------Checked with our engineer that we can make the Male/Male connector to you for free.


For the Male/Male connector, one side is connect with our DL070PM, the other side is connect with your equipment, so you need give the other side connector's ports definitions to our engineer, then we can make the Male /Male connector to you.


*******Customer reply again: please could you give us the price for 2,5m (3m) and 5m male/male cable.


-------Our standard cable is 1.5M.


2.5M: add USD3


3M: add USD3.5


5M: add USD9




b) and 5m length

-------Checked with our engineer that you just prolong the VGA and USB cables, we can additional match the 5m VGA and 5m USB prolong wires for you, you need to pay more USD8 for per unit. But our engineer do not suggest you to do that, because the cables is more long, the transfers signal is more poor, so our engineer would not suggest you use the 5m prolong cables.


7.when i plug in the adaptor, the red lights blings and goes off ... no sound , no picture ....What’s the problem?

-------When you use the adaptor, please join the " +" cable and “light switch cable” together, then the monitor can work normally.

8. (Regarding DL070PM) The touch screen cursor is inverted. When I move the stylus up, the pointer goes down, move left , it goes right. The cursor and stylus meet in the middle of the screen.

---------1.After you install touch driver, you can find a icon named " Touchkit open" on your computer's user interface. Open it. Then you will see a touch calibration image.

2. Click "Tools " button.

3. Choose " clear and calibrate". Go on step by step.

4. If the touch is still not accurate, continue to choose " Linearization" , just below the row of " clear and calibrate". Go on step by step.




4.DLG070----7 Taxi advertising player


1. Would you please let us know the battery capacity of DLG070 taxi advertising player?

--------It doesn't have battery inside. It is connected to DC12V power supply.

2. Question: For the 7inch open frame monitor, we need only a VGA connection, we don´t need IR remote control, speakers, Can you customize a little your product?

Answer: We can make our product just with VGA port and USB touch to meet your needs.

For 7", we have one cable, it just has VGA and USB port. So it is very fit for you.


5.DL080HT----8” Headrest touchscreen montior.

1. About 8” headrest monitor,in regards to what I mentioned about the “headphone jack”, I meant that the 8” headrests should have cables to connect the sound output from the PC to the headrests. I am concerned about this as you have not explained how the sound will go from the PC to the headrests’ speakers. 

-------I have discussed with our engineer about the headphone jack problem, as our original mould without the headphone jack, if you real need the headphone jack on the samples of DL080HT,we can have a try to make a headphone jack by manual on the DL080HT this time, if that the appearance of this unit maybe is not enough beautiful, as this is only as the samples for you, so when you place the mass order, then we would modify our moulds with headphone jack for you.


6.DL080A----8 touchscreen LCD montior

Q: why connect 8” monitor with my notebook, the 8” have not the image?

A: Because you have not set the screen display is double display, pls set your notebook screen is double display, then the 8” monitor have image.


7.DLG089---8.9 open frame touchscreen monitor



1.we use either then 8.9" HannStar 1024x600y display or the 8.9" T oshiba   1280x768y display or the 5.6" T oshiba 1024x600y display. Do you have vi deo boards for either of them?


--------We need the display sample to write the vi deo board's drive program, and to make its interfaces.




8.DL104C----10.4 touchscreen LCD monitor




1. Could you send me picture, price and specification for monitor DL104B or any 10.4” touch screen monitor that is design for -40 -60 temperature.


-------The working temperature of our present 10.4" touch screen monitor (DL104C) is 0 - 60 temperature. Its highest resolution is 1920*1080. I attached its specs and price. We can make it good for -40 - 60 temperature, but the highest resolution will be 800*600. Chipset which supports cold temperature can not reach very high resolution. As it is a new scheme, so the process will take about one or two months. Meanwhile, the cost will increase.


First, each motherboard will add extra 18USD.

Second, we need to use industrial lcd panel, then each lcd panel will add extra 70USD.


9.DL150A----15 Touchscreen LCD montior.


1.About 15inch monitor, do you have this model that it can is resistan to blows, liquids and heat?Because these monitors destined to a Pub restorant, the idea is to place the monitors in a table where the client realised their order with these monitors touch.

-------As your requst, DL150A is not fit for you. We have another model (DL150WP) which the housing materal can resist waterproof.

DL190A----19 Touchscreen open frame LCD montior


1. We have bought 19 inch open frame monitor with 5 wire. We installed the touch driver to calibrate the touchscreen via a computer (window s xp). At this point the touch screen worked well. Now we uninstalled the monitor from the computer and installed it onto our gaming system. The monitor worked but the touchsceen did not. Our game works off an Integrated Circuit (IC) Board and therefore no way for us to install the touch driver on the system.


-------I have consulted our engineer. I am sorry our touch function only can be used when it is connected with computer.For the gaming system, the touch driver has written on the IC board when you buy this gaming system. .But this touch drive doesn't has effect for our touch..




DL220A----LCD touch screen monitor


Thank you for you reply i am interested in 22" LCD advertising board for me to run this behind the car what i need to attach to the monitor. I have some ideas to attached it behind the car and i am sure it will work this way how many advert put this machine? What is the best way to make this working with the car?




---- I just discussed with our engineer about your advert monitor. The product you said is a advertisement monitor, You can use USB2.0,CF or SD card for the advertisement.it can suppoet usual ve dio Format ,like AVI,RMVB,RM etc..


We can design a mount that you can install the monitor in the back or the side of you motorcycle.








1. Can you pls help me look for 7”/8” touch screen monitor brightness is 1000:1?


-------After checked with our engineer, there is no 1000 brightness monitor for small size, usually big side monitor(eg: 15”/17”/19”22”….) can up to 1000 brightness.


2. Remember we talked about 9" 16:9 touchscreens? You knew some other suppliers of this?


-------I would help you to look for 9" 16:9 touchscreens in China markets, and tell you the result.


Also you should REALLY consider to make some 8" 16:9 touchscreens! Only one single manufacturer have this at present.... 90% of my sale is for Lilliput's 8" 16:9 touch.... This can be fittet to almost every car with 2DIN slot and is VERY popular.


------thanks for your so great suggestion, I would submit your good idea to our manager and engineer and  b o s s.



The service for Client and Others


1.Question: Our important expectation that the monitor must to switch on automatically when the power go on state. It will our standard specification for the future.Is your monitor can do this function?




Answer: Yes, sir. All our monitors can be built to switch on automatically when the power go on state.Just need to debug procedures.Very easy.




2.Do you have "KCC" certifation for all your products? (approved Korean government), this mark need to sell in Korea.


-------About this certifation, we don’t have . But we have ROSH and CE funtion.




3.Can you supply the warranty time for a longer?Such as 2 years.


-------About this question,usually ,Our product's warranty is one year.and from you received the goods. If you need 2 years ,we can supply, but you need add some more money.




4.Could you tell me about you lcd monitor ,which interface does it have?


-------About these question, our monitor has VGA/DVI/ S-Vi deo interface and AV is also available ,but this function need add 8$ .




5.Can the shutdown/startup delay that is in the pc control the monitor?   We want to shutdown/startup both monitor and pc at the same time?


-------The shutdown/startup delay is, power management module controls the pc. We can delay shutdown/startup both monitor and pc at same time, but monitor’s power must be supplied from pc.

6. Question: We have not experience importing products from China. Do you know how is the custom procedure?

Answer: About the custom procedure, pls don't worry. UPS or DHL are a door to door services. And they will deal all thing for you. And you just need pay tax when you receive the goods.